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Priti Patel Picture Phone Number: 604-619-2526
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Website: http://www.MyArtClub.Com/Priti.Patel

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 At a young age Priti Patel knew that she loved creating. Priti has always had a keen eye for color proportion and composition. Priti has created since the age of 19. Her creative path started as a sylist, after formal training she began assisting at one of the most prestigious salons in the city where television and media personalities were regular customers, she also instructed hair design at Blanche McDonalds a local modeling agency. Soon after Priti was nominated one of the top three new hairdressers in Canada with her to work has appearing in many industry magazines and music videos. Priti's inspiration for her art comes from her own life, growing up Priti experienced what most people would call a "traumatic life", a childhood full of rejection, mistrust and survival. Love was not a feeling or emotion that was felt until later in Priti's adult life. Her art serves as a chronological expression of growth, each piece marks a phase of Priti's life. Each piece has a story. A decade later, As on the inside……so on the outside.

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